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Die Hard v1.4.0 APK Android Full Game Free Download

Die Hard android free
Die Hard android game is based on a Hollywood action movie series Die Hard. In this best selling game you are play as Jack McClane, the son of New York City’s most famous cop, legendary John McClane. The story of this game is based on an accident at a nuclear power station in April 1986 resulted in serious radioactive contamination in Ukraine, Belarus, and other parts of Europe. Chernobyl is a town near Kiev in Ukraine, where you’ll have to overcome incredible odds to save the world from nuclear terrorism.
                               Die Hard featuring non-stop first-person shooter action, Awesome 3D graphics and creating a immersive world on your smart phone through alive colors. Also game supports high-resolution screen at 60 FPS. Find more features below:
  • Introducing new "Adrenaline” feature that freezes the action into super slow motion, allowing you to take out multiple enemies at once
Die Hard

  • Easy to use swipe controls with a tap to shoot feature
  • Tons of characters, gadgets, weapons, outfits, and power ups to unlock.
  • Action-packed missions and real-life locations pulled right from the new hit movie, “A Good Day to Die Hard
  • Facebook and Twitter integration to shout out your score in real time

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  1. hey buddy here jus a lil piece of appreciation to you : dont humiliate ur own uploads in ur video gameplays (^_^)

    1. I don't want to cheat my friends saying "It's an awesome game, blah..blah.." :P


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